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Why choose pea protein?

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Pea protein is a real find among plant proteins. It is absorbed by the human body by 98% and is hypoallergenic. Main benefits: it contains many useful amino acids and lowers cholesterol.

You say that you don't add sugar, but what makes it sweet?

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White sugar is a real pest for the body. A lot of calories, but 0 nutrients. And FIZI has a principle: use only those ingredients that will benefit your body. That's why maltitol and apple syrup do an excellent job of adding a sweet taste.

Is maltitol safe to use?

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Yes, maltitol is a natural sweetener derived from corn starch. Its glycemic index is half that of sugar (35), so it does not raise blood glucose levels to the same extent as sugar. Maltitol is even allowed for people with diabetes. And the lifehack for a snow-white smile is that consuming maltitol does not affect tooth enamel.

What is the glycemic index?

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The glycaemic index shows how quickly carbohydrates affect blood glucose levels.
In our products, we only use natural sweeteners with a low glycaemic index and plenty of nutrients. These include maltitol, which you already know, peanuts, cocoa powder and syrup!

What is sunflower lecithin?

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Lecithin is must-have for the normal functioning of the human body. We simply cannot do without it: lecithin makes up 50% of the liver, ⅓ of the brain and its protective membrane and about 17% of all nerve tissue. From a production point of view, it helps us to ensure a glossy texture and makes the topping of the bar more stable.

I am gluten intolerant, can I be sure that your products are gluten free?

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Yes, of course! And it's not just words, because on the packaging of each loaf you can see the "crossed spike" sign - this is a registered trademark of the Association of European Coeliac Societies (gluten intolerance). Our products are certified, which means that our company is licensed and meets all the requirements of the international standard AOECS (Association of European Coeliac Societies) for gluten-free products. This means that it is completely safe for people with celiac disease and people following a gluten-free diet, as the gluten content is less than 20 mg/kg in accordance with European and Ukrainian legislation. Gluten-free snacks - easy! Take it FIZI!


When should I eat a bar?

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There are no rules here: our bar helps you activate the best brain functions and unlock your inner potential. You know when you need it: during a break, on the road, after a workout or with a cup of tea. EASY!

How do I know which bar to choose?

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FIZI is a lifehack among bars! We have two lines - Guilty Pleasure and Protein. The first line is for when you want something sweet and healthy. And Protein is a snack after a workout or with a cup of hot drink. But we recommend trying them all and choosing your favourite!

Can I give the bars to my children?

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Yes! Healthy snacks for your child - easy. Take it FIZI!

We make our bars from natural ingredients and they are one hundred per cent healthier than ordinary supermarket sweets. We assure you that children will not notice the difference, and the bars will become their favourite sweets! The only detail: read the ingredients carefully. If your child has an individual intolerance, introduce the product gradually.

How many calories are in a bar?

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Don't worry, calories are a source of energy, and the number of calories is simply the amount of energy your body receives when they are fully absorbed.

Let's explain with an example: eating a cream cake or a handful of hazelnuts with the same number of calories is not the same. We have made sure that our bars have a natural composition and that each ingredient brings only benefits to the body.


Production certification

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FIZI's production system is completely safe. FIZI is one of 7 companies in Ukraine that are certified gluten-free and vegan! We are members of the international Gluten Free Society. This allows us to legally use labels on our packaging.

What are the delivery terms?

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  • Cost of delivery via InPost parcel machines - 16 PLN
  • Cost of delivery via courier InPost - 17 PLN

Free delivery from 139 PLN

Delivery time 1-2 business days.
*During the sale period, delivery time may extend to 3-4 business days.

Delivery cost to other countries (DHL courier):

  • Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands - 45 PLN ( ≈€10)
    Free delivery from 370 PLN ( ≈€85)
  • Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Finland - 61 PLN ( ≈€14)
    Free delivery from 500 PLN ( ≈€115)
  • France, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Greece, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Great Britain, Cyprus, Ireland - 78 PLN ( ≈€18)
    Free delivery from 640 PLN ( ≈€145)

What are the payment terms?

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-Online payment (BLIK, Przelewy24, VISA/Mastercard)
-Cash on delivery (only within Poland)

Co mam zrobić, jeśli się nie udało dokonać płatnośći za zamówienie?

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Please fill out the form on the website and we will contact you. At FIZI everything is EASY!


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