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The 10 keto protein bars are a real find for those who count calories!

Less sweet and even healthier! 1 gram of natural sugar, at least 19% protein and no more than 165 calories per bar. Even those who don't follow the keto diet love these bars馃


Storage conditions: store in a dry, cool, dark place. Protect from direct sunlight. 

Try all the flavors from the "KETO" line:
"VANILLA + SALT" - 4 pcs.
"BANANA + PEANUT" - 3 pcs .

The ingredients and nutrition declaration of the bars you can find in the product card gallery.

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These are the new low carb Keto bars 馃い
It doesn't matter if you follow a Keto diet or not. All that matters is that each bar contains 鈮160 kcal, 1 gram of natural sugar and high levels of plant-based protein. We hope that's enough to make you say, "Wow, I need this"?


1. Before you ask...

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Keto bars can be eaten by anyone who feels like it! You don't have to be on a ketogenic diet to enjoy them, so we encourage everyone to try the new line! Keto bars contain a rich source of plant-based protein and minimal natural sugar - only 1g per bar馃槑 But if you've been looking for Keto sweets for a long time - congratulations, because FIZI has made an effort to surprise you with new flavours!

2. What exactly is the Keto diet?

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It is a diet high in healthy fats, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates. The logic is simple: when your carbohydrate intake drops to 30-50 grams per day, your body starts to convert fats into ketones, which it then uses as energy. Our principle, however, is not to impose, but only to introduce you to different types of food and support you with new tastes馃挋

3. What are the overall benefits of Keto bars?

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Keto is a new low-carb bar from FIZI. One bar contains 鈮160 calories and only 1 gram of natural sugar (not white sugar, of course 馃槈). Keto Protein Bars are also high in protein, making them an excellent product for those who want to maintain their energy throughout the day. The benefits include the following:

  • increased energy levels
  • reduced hunger
  • lower blood sugar and other biomarkers
  • improved brain function
  • weight loss (but of course, you don't have to eat all the keto bars at once 馃榿)

4. I see a lot of new ingredients in the Keto line. Tell me a bit more about them馃

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Of course! Read about the following ingredients:
Erythritol - is the main sweetener for keto sweets. It's really cool because it doesn't raise blood sugar or insulin levels and doesn't cause tooth decay.
Prebiotic inulin (not to be confused with probiotics) - is a fibre that is not absorbed by the body at all and therefore contains no calories. Inulin supports the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora and provides a food base for bifido- and lactobacteria.
Vegetable glycerin - is the simplest humectant that has no nutritional value and is not harmful. It is only needed to achieve the desired consistency, as almost all the ingredients in keto bars are dry substances and need to be mixed together.

5. How many Keto bars can I eat per day?

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It's all simple: there are no restrictions. However, FIZI recommends moderation in everything. Inulin (see section above for what it is), which is part of the formulation, activates the intestinal microflora and can have a laxative effect if you consume more than 12 grams of inulin per day. This is why we recommend consuming NO more than 2 bars of the Keto line per day. Although we understand that sometimes it is difficult to restrain yourself 馃榿

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